Video is one of the most effective marketing strategies out there, whether it’s a Facebook live or a recorded webinar. You can make an in-depth video to explain a concept or message in detail, or you can make a short, concise video that makes something complex seem simple. Video is a connection tool like no other, as it is the closest thing you have to actually meeting the person. Here are five successful video formats that are reshaping modern marketing strategies:

Explainer Videos:

Explainer videos are great at taking complicated systems and presenting them simply. They are perfect for services such as software programs, online apps and various surveys and forms that you want people to complete and submit. It’s especially effective if you product is a little complex, or you have a process that people need to engage in step by step. An example might be a software program for generating business leads. The explainer video can tell a story of a typical prospect, let’s say Sally, who has a wonderful service but can’t find clients. The video can describe her problem and offer the product as the solution. Explainer videos can be animated, narrated or not, a slide-show type, or real time video.

Testimonials and Case Studies:

Testimonials and case study videos feature satisfied customers sharing their experiences and success stories with a business’s product or service can make a huge impact on potential buyers. These real-life narratives build trust, credibility, and relatability, influencing potential customers’ perceptions and creating confidence in the brand. Most businesses have at least some written testimonials, but those who can share video testimonials have a leg up. Another way of using video for testimonials is to create a video slide-show featuring testimonials, such as this one I created for a client a while back: Watch Video

Product Demonstrations and Webinars:

A webinar gives you a place to keep an audience “captive”, at least for a while. Most folks who sign up for webinars are qualified, meaning they are already interested in the topic, or are interested in what you have to say about it. You can use the webinar to provide valuable information and at the same time visually demonstrate your product or service. This is a perfect place to address objections and pain points, and offer a valuable discount or gift for those who stay to the end of the webinar and/or take action.

Interview Videos:

Interviews serve two purposes: they provide more visibility for you, and at the same time, promote your interviewee, which can be a compelling reason for someone to agree to be interviewed. Whether your interview is done via audio only or on video, you’re giving your audience an in-depth look at both you and your guest, making them feel as if they “know” you. Once they know you, they are more likely to also trust you.

Whiteboard Animation Videos:

Whiteboard animation videos or “sketch” videos use a unique visual style that involves hand-drawn illustrations on a white background, accompanied by narration or text. These videos are great at conveys complex ideas, processes, or storytelling in a short, easy to follow format. The hand-drawn illustrations unfolding in real-time keep viewers engaged and make the content memorable. It can actually be quite mesmerizing to watch the illustrations sketched in real time (or sped up time) while the narration is going on – almost a guarantee of engagement.

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