My guest on the Spiritual Solopreneur podcast is Rev Dr Jackie Jones-Hunt. Jackie is a psychic, psychical researcher, a historian of spirituality, vegetarian for compassionate reasons, & author of 3 books: Moses & Jesus the Shamans, Proof Animals have Souls, and 500+ Celebrities: Go Vegetarian.

Jackie offers spiritual & intuitive guidance with predictive information from Tarot & Angel Dice online and in person. She has accumulated many feedback letters regarding her predictive accuracy & emotional and healing through her guidance. She also offers courses, reiki healing and pet & human wedding and funeral services.

Links to Jackie’s books on Amazon can be found on her website Www.jackiejoneshunt.com and she can be emailed at jackiejoneshunt@gmail.com. We talked about animal spirits, what happens to pets when they pass away, and Jackie shares miraculous stories of visitations by her dogs from the other side.


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