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Web design for new businesses

Establish your online presence with a professional website

Creating a website to introduce your new business is one of the most exciting times in any entrepreneur’s journey. But with so many things to think about: branding, colors, fonts, logo, your offer, your values…It can be overwhelming. I will work with you, explain what you don’t understand, and guide you through the process of presenting a final product that is totally reflective of you and your clients. If you haven’t ironed all the kinks out of your business model just yet, the process of creating your site may help solidify gaps in the marketing logic. It can actually be kind of magical when it happens!  The result? A website you can’t wait to share with potential clients at networking events, speaking events and on social media.


Langley web designer - websites for new businesses
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Web design for experienced entrepreneurs

Reflect your business growth with a website update

You may have had your website for several years and the look is clearly outdated. Or worse, it looks horrible on mobile. Or perhaps your business has evolved – you’re offering more high-ticket programs and services now, courses or memberships – but your website hasn’t kept up. Let’s kick the old site to the curb and replace it with a modern, fully responsive website that totally reflects you and your offerings. The result? A professional online presence strategically designed to let your message evolve and your business to scale. 

What You Get

Website Design and Layout

The 3-second rule isn’t just for cookies that fell on the floor. It also applies to websites. Once your visitor arrives at your site, you have 3 seconds to impart a lot of information: Who you are, What kind of website this is, and What’s in it for them? Your branding, page and section layout above the fold are therefore crucial to getting the right message across, and keeping your bounce rate down.


Message development

All you need is a clean modern design with clear messaging. Sounds simple, right? But putting it all together in a cohesive story that speaks directly to your potential client takes time and experience. The language you use on your homepage will tell visitors immediately whether they are in the right place or not. Nailing the benefits (not features) of your solution to your customers is vital.

Content and software maintenance

A confused mind never buys, and also doesn’t stick around when browsing your site. Once you have the content worked out, and you’ve launched your site, updating that content is important not only to your clients but to Google as well. WordPress websites need particular care and feeding, especially e-commerce sites with online payment processes.

Bev Young, web marketing consultant

Bev Young
Langley Web Design & Consulting

As your web designer, I not only create your website, but also help you plan it strategically. I develop content that expresses your vision and resonates with your clients.

How do I know what that content should be?  Research and 10 + years experience in strategic marketing and web design. 

The principles of marketing don’t change. The ways of implementing them do.

I see it as my job to adhere to the timeless truths about why people buy, while taking full advantage of constantly evolving trends in design and technology, so you get a finished product that delivers the exact message you want your clients to see and hear.

Let’s work



Step 1

Book a free consultation and complete a simple project questionnaire.  You’ll receive a proposal based on the discussion and responses.

Step 2

Sign the contract and submit the deposit along with any assets such as logo, images, or copy you wish to be incorporated into your site.

Step 3

You’ll receive a prototype design and project plan with next steps. We’ll work together until your new website is ready to launch and your SEO strategy is in place.

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