Digital Marketing & SEO

Search Engine Optimization

Digital marketing is the process of attracting potential customers to your website.  Search Engine Optimization is the foundation of visibility of your online business. Services include:


SEO Audit

Where are you now? This is an important question that believe it or not, many entrepreneurs forget to ask before embarking on an SEO campaign. Before you hire anyone or make any decisions, do a cursory search for yourself and your business using your keywords. Now we have a benchmark for SEO planning for the months ahead.


Blog Set-up & Updates

A blog provides additional fodder for Google to latch onto when returning search results. Marketers have discovered that businesses can increase their reach exponentially by incorporating a regularly-updated blog into their site. We can set up the blog for you to easily add content, or post for you on a monthly or weekly schedule.

Off-Site SEO

Even with a blog in place, making your website solely responsible for your ranking on Google is a tall order. Being mentioned or listed on sites with authority such as directories and association sites can have more of an impact on your visibility than you might expect. I can help you identify these SEO opportunities for your website.

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