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What is Search Engine Optimization and how do you do it?

While a beautiful design is important to engage website visitors and potential customers, SEO is the process of making your website as attractive as possible to search engines.

SEO basically consists of four elements:


Let’s create a lead generation plan to fit your current situation.

Tasks can include:

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checkmark - seo website tasks  Benchmark SEO audit

checkmark - seo website tasks   Keyword research

checkmark - seo website tasks   Competitor research

checkmark - seo website tasks   Content optimization

checkmark - seo website tasks   Google Business Page 

checkmark - seo website tasks   Google Search Console reindexing

checkmark - seo website tasks   Google rankings monitoring

checkmark - seo website tasks   Social media audit & strategy

checkmark - seo website tasks   Backlink audit & strategy


SEO Audit

Where are you now? This is an important question that believe it or not, many entrepreneurs forget to ask before embarking on an SEO campaign. Before you make any decisions, do a cursory search for yourself and your business using your keywords. Now we have a benchmark against which to plan for the months ahead.


Blog & Website Updates

Marketers have discovered that businesses can increase their reach exponentially by incorporating a regularly-updated blog into their site. It’s also crucial that keyword queries have dedicated keyword and image-optimized web pages to land on where your solution is the precise answer to the question posed.

Off-Site SEO

Even with SEO strategies in place, making your website solely responsible for your ranking on Google is a tall order. Off-site listings (think Yellow Pages) can have a positive impact on your visibility. Further outreach can uncover more opportunities to position your site as an authority in your niche.

Want to Know More About SEO?

Unveil the mystery. Grab the Ultimate SEO FAQ Guide to Search Engine Optimization.


How SEO Services Can Help Your Business


If you are a new or emerging online business, a website is an integral part of your online presence, preferably a beautifully designed site that reflects your brand perfectly. Sounds good, right?

But there’s another problem:

  • New websites are generally not favoured by Google and struggle to gain ranking in the SERPS
  • New businesses can face competition from companies who have had years to develop an online reputation. (Not fair, I know!)
  • Without the added SEO piece, you can end up with a fabulous website that (gulp) no-one can find.

The solution? Give that stunning website an SEO jumpstart out of the gate. Your site is already optimized for the right keywords before it even goes live. Then we create, monitor and optimize your content for 3 months to ensure your site is as visible as possible.

new business management
SEO for online businesses


Rebranding your business? Or just plain tired of looking at your rather “elderly” website? A new site on a different platform or with a different name, or both, may be the answer.

But there’s a problem:

  • Your old dingy looking site might have some useful SEO “juice” that we don’t want to lose.
  • Conversely, you might be fine with your current website, but its Google rankings fall flat for preferred keywords.

In either case, there are strategies to alleviate these concerns.  301 Redirects (if done correctly) can help, along with advanced tactics like technical SEO, backlinks strategies and content syndication.


One of the hallmarks of a local business’ challenges in Search Engine Optimization is stiff competition.

That’s where specific strategies geared to local businesses come in. Since Google is really the only search engine we concern ourselves with, and with good reason, let’s take maximum advantage of products offered by Google itself:

  • Google Business Pages
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Structured Data

Add citations, blog or YouTube content and you may find your site rising above the competition in a hurry.

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Ready to get more traffic with SEO?

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