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Web design & SEO consulting & troubleshooting – get just the help you need.

We all can experience a bit of burnout now and again.  It can be refreshing to simply talk the issue out with someone who is steeped in the industry. Or you may be just starting out and in need of a little push in the right direction. Services include:

WordPress Troubleshooting

The variety of functionalities you can create with WordPress is almost limitless. That also means there are a lot of moving parts to a WordPress website. If something isn’t working exactly as expected, you could spend hours just diagnosing the problem. Avoid the frustration. Help is just a call or email away.

SEO Consultation

You could do it yourself if you just knew what to do! You already have a website you love, it just needs to be more visible.  An SEO consultation can help you get on your way to being one of Google’s favorites. All consultations come with a written report of our discussion and a step-by-step plan of action.

Platform Management

Most online businesses operate on more than one platform. Different platforms may host your website, subscription manager, videos, email…you get the picture. While these platforms offer additional methods of exposure for your business, making them all sync with each other and your website helps your online business run smoothly.

Help for new webmasters

Are you a DIY-er or new webmaster building sites for clients? Some of us have been around the block a couple of times. I feel it’s our responsibility to not only help clients achieve their goals, but to help other web professionals do the same. If you need some troubleshooting, marketing or tech help, my door is open.

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