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Websites tailored to your business

Our first priority is to understand your goals and objectives. How you want your clients/customers to respond to  your website is of utmost importance at the initial design and content development stage of your website build. Once that is determined, we can begin creating the message, look and feel of your site that best represents you to the world. 

Services include:

Design and Page Layout

The 3-second rule isn’t just for cookies that fell on the floor. It also applies to websites. Once your visitor arrives at your website, you have 3 seconds to impart a lot of information: Who you are, What kind of website this is, and What’s in it for them? Your branding, page and section layout above the fold are therefore crucial to getting the right message across, and keeping your bounce rate down.


Message development

All you need is a clean modern design with clear messaging. Sounds simple, right? But putting it all together in a cohesive story that speaks directly to your potential client takes time and experience. The language you use on your homepage will tell visitors immediately whether they are in the right place or not. Nailing the benefits (not features) of your solution to your customers is vital.

Content and software maintenance

A confused mind never buys, and also doesn’t stick around when browsing your site. Once you have the content worked out, and you’ve launched your site, updating that content is important not only to your clients but to Google as well. WordPress websites need particular care and feeding, especially e-commerce sites with online payment processes.

Who will benefit?

Online business websites for coaches, trainers, designers and social media managers, e-commerce sites, brochure sites, blog sites, directories and membership websites. 


Website Packages

Online Presence

Already have a following on Instagram or YouTube and looking for an introduction to website visitors? A one to five page landing page or brochure site might be all you need.

Burgeoning Business

The only thing constant is change, and that goes for your business model. Perhaps you’re in rebranding mode or ready to move your offerings to a membership site or online course.

Maintenance Mode

Your website is working like a champ and so are your marketing efforts. But your website needs TLC – content and software updates on a regular basis. Monthly packages available.

Let’s work



Step 1

Book a free consultation and complete a simple project questionnaire.  You’ll receive our proposal based on the discussion and responses.

Step 2

Sign the contract and submit the deposit along with any assets such as logo, images, or copy you wish to be incorporated into your site.

Step 3

You’ll receive a prototype design and project plan with next steps. We’ll work together until your new website is ready to launch. 

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