Emailing is the most used communication tool in the world. Business owners love it because it’s inexpensive and simple to use, and potential customers love to receive incentives in exchange for their name and email address, knowing they can always unsubscribe from the list later. That makes it a no-risk proposition for both!

The main purpose of email marketing is to create and maintain relationships with customers and prospects. On average, an email marketing campaigns have a 20-40% open rate, but many companies see even higher rates than this.

5 Steps To Create Strong Email List

Building a list of subscribers is the backbone of any email marketing campaign. Your email list is a goldmine for you to promote your products, services and offers with ease. But before you begin diving into your next campaign, create an email list from scratch or nurture your current one, be sure to consider the following five steps:

1) Embedded Signup Form

Have an embedded signup form on your site. It’s always good practice to provide a sign-up form on your website so people can subscribe to your newsletter or other updates directly from that page.
This will encourage visitors to subscribe without going through the extra step of signing up on another website.

2) Deploy pop-ups and overlays.

Pop-ups are often annoying but they have been proven to be effective when it comes to acquiring new subscribers. You can deploy pop-ups or overlays on your website asking someone to sign up for your newsletter or offer them something of value if they do so.

3) Introduce gamification

You can introduce gaming by creating contests that are engaging and interesting with prizes that your tribe would value, so they will stay subscribed while engaging with you. An example might be a contest to win a free consultation with you, or 6 months of access to your mastermind group.

4) Use Squeeze pages

A squeeze page is a landing page where you ask the visitor to provide their email address in exchange for you giving them valuable content or a free download.

5) Invite your contacts

A great way to grow your list is by inviting customers and prospects who have purchased from you or have been in contact with you in the past. A personalized email with a strong call to action to either contact you or take advantage of a special offer that would benefit them specifically might be the way to entice them to join your list.

Additional Tips To Build A Strong Email List

– Embed your signup form at the bottom of every blog post or article.
– Use social media platforms to promote your signup form.
– Use a strong call to action in all your sign-up forms, for example, “Download your free checklist now” is a stronger call to action than a simple “Submit” or “Send” button.

Building an email list is not something that can happen overnight. There is no magic wand to suddenly provide you with a following if you’re just starting out. There is definitely a science to it. But once you start, and people start appreciating your gifts, it can seem like magic.

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